Privacy policy

Privacy policy

1. What does this document regulate?

1.1. The present Privacy Policy describes the policy of the LLC "Law firm "Kosenkov and Suvorov" (hereinafter - the "Firm") in relation to the processing of personal data and other information (hereinafter -"User information"), which a Firm can obtain about the User during the usage of the Firm's website, available at (hereinafter - the "website").

1.2. When the User uses the website, the Firm protects and processes User information in strict accordance with the applicable law.
The present Privacy Policy is designed to inform the User on how the Firm collects, uses, and protects User information, such as:
(a) what information about the User the Firm may receive and store, how and why the Firm may use such information;
(b) how does the Firm protect User information from unauthorized access, distribution and use;
(с) what are the User's rights and how the User can exercise such rights in relation to the processing of User information.

1.3. When processing User information, the Firm is guided by the following principles:
- lawfulness of processing of User information;
- the correspondence of the purposes of processing User information, as well as the amount, content and methods of processing to the aims stated when collecting User information;
- it is not allowed to combine databases of User information containing personal data if such databases were created for incompatible purposes;
- accuracy, sufficiency and relevance of User information in relation to the purposes of processing;
- destruction or depersonalization of personal data after the processing and when the set goals are achieved.

1.4. The current version of the Privacy Policy is always available at the following website The Firm has the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy in order to ensure compliance with the applicable law, as well as the applicable methods of processing and protecting User information. When making changes to the present Privacy Policy, the Firm should notify Users about it by publishing a new version of the Privacy Policy at the website or, at its choice, in case of significant changes of the key terms of the Privacy Policy, by informing Users by email (if such information was provided by the User).

2. What information about the User can be processed

2.1. The Firm can process the following categories of User information:
- information provided by the User at the website (last name, first name and patronymic, phone number, email address, and other information);
- information contained in the cookies.

2.2. The User is responsible for the accuracy of the provided information. The Firm does not verify whether the User has authority to provide User information. The Firm assumes that the User provides reliable and sufficient User information, as well as updates it in a timely manner.

3. What are the legal grounds and purposes for processing User information

3.1. The Firm processes User information in order to receive and process requests for legal advice, for the purpose of concluding and / or executing a contract with the User or a person whose interests the User represents, as well as for the purposes of improving the user experience of using the Firm's website and sending Users with their consent informational and advertising messages

4. How the Firm processes User information

4.1. The Firm collects, uses, records, systematizes, accumulates, stores, clarifies (updates, changes), extracts User information, depersonalizes it and, if necessary, blocks, deletes and destroys User information. Within the framework of the present Privacy Policy, User information is transmitted, stored and processed on the Firm's servers located on the territory of the Russian Federation.

4.2. The Firm does not perform cross-border transfer of User information.

4.3. The Firm stores User information for as long as it is necessary to achieve the purpose for which it was collected or to comply with the requirements of applicable legislation and regulations.

4.4. The User may send a request to delete User information from the Firm's databases in accordance with the procedure provided for in Section 7 of the present Privacy Policy.

5. How the Firm protects User information

5.1. When processing User information the Firm is guided by the requirements of applicable legislation. The Firm exercises legal, organizational and technical measures to protect User information from unauthorized or accidental access to it, unauthorized destruction, modification, distribution, blocking and copying of User information, as well as from other illegal actions in relation to User information.

5.2. The security of information systems for processing User information is achieved through the use of information security tools, including cryptographic information protection tools, that have passed the compliance assessment in accordance with the established procedure. The applied security measures are implemented considering the current state of the art, the cost of their implementation and the risks associated with the processing of User information and the nature of User information.

5.3. All employees of the Firm are familiar with the provisions of the legislation of the Russian Federation on personal data, as well as local regulations on the processing and protection of personal data. Access to User information is provided only to those employees of the Firm who need it to perform their tasks. The Firm has appointed the person responsible for organizing the processing of User information and for ensuring the security of User information.

5.4. The Firm conducts regular internal monitoring of compliance of procedure of processing User information with applicable legislation and local regulations.

6. User Rights

6.1. The User has the right to request information related to the procedure of processing User information in accordance with the rules provided by the applicable law.

6.2. If the User believes that any information that the Firm stores about such User is incorrect, incomplete, outdated or inaccurate, the User can correct the information by sending a corresponding request to the Firm.

6.3. The User has the right to revoke the previously given consent fully or partially to the processing of personal data by sending a corresponding request to the Firm. If the User revokes consent to the processing of personal data, the Firm have the right to continue to process such data if there are other legal grounds for processing.

6.4. In order to exercise the aforementioned rights, the User may contact the Firm in accordance with the procedure provided for in Section 7 of the present Privacy Policy.

7. Communication

7.1. Any questions regarding the implementation of the present Privacy Policy may be sent to the following email address The User can also send requests about the implementation of his/her rights or complaints about the inaccuracy of User information or the illegality of its processing to the mentioned email address.

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