Alena Gomenok

About the lawyer

Alena Gomenok
Kutafin Moscow State Law University.

National Research University Higher School of Economics, Master's Programme Private International Law and International Commercial Arbitration.

Alena has taken more than 10 professional development courses in M&A, Legal English, commercial transactions structuring and contract law.
Information about the lawyer
Alena specializes in legal support of commercial transactions, examination of legal risks in business activities, consulting in the field of intellectual property law.

Alena was awarded the A.A. Sobchak scholarship (2021-2022), the first V.P. Mozolin scholarship (2022), and a grant of the President of the Russian Federation (2018-2022).

Winner of a number of scientific conferences, and author of more than 15 scientific articles in the field of contract law, intellectual property law and digital law, etc.
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