Adilya Ablakova

About the lawyer

Adilya Ablakova
The All-Russian State University of Justice (RLA of the Ministry of Justice of Russia) 2011-2015
Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL), Master in International law, Intellectual property in private international law, 2015-2017
Certificate of professional development courses «M-Logos»: «Intellectual property: actual legal issues and judicial practice»
Certificate of the WIPO: Arbitration and Mediation Procedure under the WIPO Rules
Participant of Skolkovo Patent School 2017
Information about the lawyer
Adilya worked in one of the leading Russian LegalTech company specializing in the protection of intellectual property rights.
Adilya’s experience covers the registration and legal protection objects of intellectual property rights, support of transactions on the disposal of rights to such objects, consulting support for trademark registration in Russia and abroad.
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