No chance for cash free?
Online stores’ couriers may be prohibited to accept cash payments at delivery. Such a rule is stipulated in the document titled “The National Payment Initiative,” to be submitted to the Central Bank in the autumn, Izvestia reports. The document was developed by the National Payment Council together with the Association of Russian Banks (ARB).
Non-cash payments over the Internet, of course, need to be developed, but not through infringement of customers’ rights.
The document proposes to prohibit couriers to accept cash payment from customers. As the authors of the draft law put it, this will increase the volume of non-cash payments, along with attracting new clients to banks and reducing the gray market’s share.

The National Payment Council (NPM) Association includes Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Golden Crown, United Card Service, Cyberplat payment system, banks, MTS, and other companies.

Andrey Kolotenko, the firm’s partner, gave his review for oborot.ru on the prohibition for Internet stores’ couriers to accept cash payments at delivery.
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