Meet New Law Firm Kosenkov & Suvorov
Gaffer & Gaffer and ARTA have announced their merger, in result of which a new legal firm is created – Kosenkov & Suvorov.

Denis Kosenkov, Konstantin Suvorov and Dmitry Nelyubin have become partners in the firm. The firm will incorporate teams, client portfolios, and industry expertise.
A new player appears in the legal services market
The partners of Kosenkov & Suvorov have known one another for a long time. From 2010 to 2016, Denis Kosenkov managed legal structural units and was responsible for corporate governance of major Russian companies, including the MTS Retail Network, TS-Retail (Sistema JSFC), Svyaznoy Group. At that time, Konstantin Suvorov was a partner and head of the intellectual property practice of KIAP, Attorneys at Law. Teamed as a customer and a contractor, Denis and Konstantin then implemented lots of joint projects in the field of legal support of IT, e-commerce, intellectual property, and GR. Later, each of them organized his own law firm, Kosenkov – Gaffer&Gaffer, Suvorov – ARTA.

The decision to establish a single firm was not accidental: over the past year, the Gaffer & Gaffer and ARTA teams implemented a number of joint projects associated with intellectual property, dispute resolution, antitrust, and support for e-commerce projects. As a result, they realized that it was high time to join forces and become a major player in the legal services market with their unique expertise and experience.
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